Executive Summary

The Sentinel Group is dedicated to “helping the Church pray knowledgably for endtime global evangelization and enabling communities to discover the pathway to genuine revival and societal transformation.” It was formed in 1990 by George Otis, Jr. Mr Otis, after working in “frontier” evangelization efforts for many years, became concerned about spiritual oppression and its persistence. His investigation into this problem took him into more than fifty nations.

The ministry also noted places where dramatic spiritual breakthroughs were occurring. In 1995 The Sentinel Group began researching these occurrences, and produced the breakthrough “Transformations” video in 1999. “Transformations” has been seen by more than 300 million people since it was released. The production was followed by “Transformations II: The Glory Spreads” in 2001, and several more award-winning videos till date.

The Sentinel Group seeks to understand (research) and document (publish) what God is doing to transform communities worldwide. Based on this understanding, The Sentinel Group desires to share stories (storytelling) and equip (train) those who yearn for the movement of God and transforming revival in their own communities.

Since 2004, the Sentinel Group has also serviced the emerging International Fellowship of Transformation Partners (IFTP), populated by catalytic individuals central to transformational efforts and on-going stories around the world. The IFTP is a collegial fellowship of Christian servant leaders that provide oversight and operational support for existing and emerging regional transformation networks. The primary purpose of this fellowship is to bear witness to the glorious fruit of God’s transforming presence and to highlight the principles that summon it.

As a result of cutting edge research been undertaken, the production of videos on transformation, reporting of some 500 sites where transformational revival are experienced, the obvious next step was to compile a set of powerful tools to the body of Christ that will enable them to prepare needy communities for spiritual and social transformation. This is a distillation of 15 years of observational research in hundreds of transformed cities, towns and villages. This unique service package, called the Journey to Transformation (JTT) consists of three stages e.g. Discovery Weekend; Community Encounter spreading over 12 weeks featuring interactive DVD-based training presented by successful revival catalysts from around the globe; and a Stewardship Seminar which offers counsel on how to hold onto this blessed condition.

The Discovery Weekend was road tested around the world and formally introduced in the US and Great Britain during 2011/2012. The response was extremely encouraging. It was decided to roll out this package through the network of the IFTP.

Due to the limited capacity within the ranks of the Sentinel Group to expand their services to an increasing global interest it was decided to develop a new service model based on partnerships eg:

  • As the JTT training enters the international arena the IFTP will assist in identifying JTT Partner Agencies
  • Within the US the IFA became the JTT partner agency
  • Global Prayer Resource Network (GPRN) which publishes aggregated prayer needs around the world and instructs believers how to become transformational intercessors
  • Business agreement with Media Village Production Company and others.

Since the latter part of 2012 restructuring developments within the Sentinel Group
has resulted in:

  • The appointment of Mr Dawie Spangenberg as President/CEO. He is also the IFTP International Coordinator
  • Mrs Isebel Spangenberg as the Administrator and Communications Officer
  • Mr Otis is the founder and chairperson (non-executive role) of the Sentinel Group and will remain in the Seattle office