Our History

The Sentinel Group was founded in 1990 by well-traveled missions researcher, George Otis Jr. The ministry’s early emphasis on restricted or under-serviced frontiers was a natural extension of George’s earlier work with the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, an International missions movement launched in the early 1970s by Billy Graham.

Throughout the latter half of the 1980s, George served as the movement’s senior associate for restricted-access peoples, a role that took him into many nations of the 10/40 Window. It was during this period that his interest in prayer and spiritual warfare deepened.

During his travels, George noted that certain regions of the world manifested exceptional idolatry and spiritual oppression. This observation led to a salient question: Why does spiritual darkness linger where it does? In search of answers, George spent much of the 1990s interviewing a wide variety of subjects in some 50 nations. His conclusions were eventually published in a landmark book entitled The Twilight Labyrinth.

During this same period, reports began to surface of dramatic spiritual breakthroughs in some of the most unlikely places–places that included towns and territories within the 10/40 Window. What particularly interested Sentinel Group researchers was the number of cases in which spiritual revival was followed by rapid improvements in a community’s political and social fabric. Something was clearly going on.

In 1995, the ministry began to investigate these reports in earnest. Fanning out across four continents, Sentinel researchers documented numerous examples of spiritually-transformed communities. In June of 1999, these discoveries were released in an award-winning video documentary called Transformations: A Documentary. 2001 brought the release of the next documentary, Transformations II: The Glory Spreads. In 2003, The Quickening was released, sharing expanded teaching on key definitions, core principles, and common obstacles related to community transformation. Let the Sea Resound followed in 2004, documenting the modern-day revival currently sweeping the Fijian islands. In 2005, An Unconventional War was released, depicting how effective prayer and a remarkable church-state partnership are bringing an end to one of the most brutal insurgencies in history. Different Angle Films was launched in 2007 with Approaching Fire, a brand-new type of media intended to provoke central and radical questioning of the status quo.  In 2009, A Force For Change was released, documenting the dramatic changes occurring in Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo, through the radical transformation of the military police force.

Over the past decade, Sentinel has also serviced the emerging International Fellowship of Transformation Partners, populated by catalytic individuals central to transformational efforts and ongoing stories around the world. This network of humble, godly men and women has also contributed testimony and core teaching for the Journey to Transformation DVD curriculum, available to any community desiring to pursue the return of God’s manifest presence in its midst.