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The Discovery Weekend has caused me to ask questions. Am I hungry for God to come? Am I preventing God being 'active' in ministry and not allowing him to break through? What is the history of my area? Where have we damaged/abused the land and the people? Where do I/we need to repent and put things right in our areas? It's also given me a fresh perspec- tive of being a dependant disciple of Jesus, rather than a 'tooled' up servant of God who should just be a ’doer’.  ~ DW Black Country, UK


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I’ve realised how far I am away from God, how many of my priorities are wrong and that I am not as desperate for the Presence of God as I thought I was. Whilst that sounds very pessimistic, God has already started to help me and I am better able to see my errors, avoiding at least some of them and I do feel closer to God as a result. Still a long way to go though.  ~ DW Black Country, UK



I have shared on more than one occasion how it will probably become one of the most signi?cant weeks of my life. Somehow, though I’m not sure I recognised it at the time, God was deeply working in me. The day after I actually just wanted to be in tears most of the day but wasn’t sure why. My perspective has been revised – God is bigger than I thought, so is His ability, so is His church. I shared at the Black Country breakfast that it seemed as if the tectonic plates of my heart had shifted; that the landscape of my under- standing & priorities was to look very different from now on. ~ DW Black Country, UK

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"One can not overestimate the impact of standing on the land the Lord has healed, conversing with the people that have summoned and experienced the outpouring of the Spirit in their community or hearing the testimonies of those whose lives were radically changed in the wake of God's visitation. Reading the stories or watching them on video is inspiring. But walking with the servants God used in Kentucky allows one to feel the story. The experience was transforming." ~Larry Lane


"What stood out to me the most in Manchester and Lynch are the believers who radiate a sense of worship through their vocations, whether they are musicians, law enforcers, radio station managers, or counsellors. It reminded me of the scene in Chariots of Fire where Eric Liddell says, "When I run I feel His pleasure." I could feel God's pleasure in both communities. There's an enthusiasm in both places that can only come from the Holy Spirit as He stirs people to do what God made them to do. Glory in the highest." ~Nicole Arnoldbik


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“I have been to Manchester many times, but taking The Fire Tour, just brought it all together in a greater way. It shows you hard times, that many of us do not realize has existed. Desperation is a hard word, but when you see the Lord at work in Manchester and where their hearts led them, it is encouraging. I believe the Lord will visit those who take the Fire Tour and it may even rekindle the Fire of the Lord inside, to look for ways and ideas that they may be able to touch their own community in a deeper way.”


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